Canvas wall tents for hunting

So last year I bought a 12X14 Canvas wall tent.  It’s outstanding, it’s the perfect way to set up a hunt camp.

I’ve used it a half dozen times in the last year.  The size is ideal, 2-4 people can actually set up camp and live in it.  It does have an asbestos stove pipe hole and I bought a small hunter type stove from TSC stores for it as well.  We simply get to the site, set up the tent, go find some down trees and get the stove burning.

The stove isn’t perfect.  I’ve got four sections of 6″ pipe to run it out of the tent, yet whenever I open the stove door, smoke billows into the tent.  Can’t leave the stove door open or we get smoked out.  No idea why this is, nothing we do seems to change this.

I’ve also used the stove for cooking.  The trick is, you need lots of small pieces of wood to build up a roaring fire to get the stove hot enough to really cook on.  For warmth though, the stove is great.  That little stove keeps the tent cozy and warm.  We sleep in our shorts on top of the cot with no covers and walk around in our sock fee.  It’s great after a day in the cold hunting to come in, stand up and take off your gear.  Nothing beats a 9′ high tall tent that you can walk around in the warmth.

For the floor I’ve been using a tarp.  That’s worked well until last weekend when we camped in a swampy spot.  We ended up with water coming up through the floor.  That meant we had to keep our boots on in the tent, not ideal at all.

So I’m looking at two possible upgrades – one is something different for the floor.  Maybe a section of carpeting? Not sure, that seems too heavy to carry around.  Same with sheets of plywood.  Secondly, I’m going to start using a 2X2 section of plywood under the stove to keep it level.

In retrospect, some windows would’ve been nice, but that’s fine – we just hang a light from the top of the tent and it’s perfect for conversing until lights out. Not really a big deal.

Would I buy it again?  Absolutely – it’s turned our hunting trips from cold and miserable to quite enjoyable.  It’s like having a warm room at home to go to, where you can relax, eat, have a beer, play some cards, and sleep out of the cold.

And that’s important because we’re headed to Haliburton for some grouse hunting this weekend and the forecast is calling for snow!  Going to get my young nephew up to speed shooting the 22′s and driving the ATV’s.

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